La réussite en transfert d'embryons bovins


Le sexage des embryons


  Embryo sexing on the farm

  • In certain cases, the amplification of DNA does not always happen accuately:

    • if no strip is revealed, the sex of the embryo is therefore impossible to be determined in any way. However, this happens only in 3-4% of all cases.

    • if a strip X appears alone, it is then identified as female, even though, in some rare cases a male calf would be born. This is caused by the fact that chromosomes Y are more difficult to be revealed.

  • During the last two years, we have sexed about 1000 embryos. The reliability of the results is 100% with males and over 97% for females. The gestation rate is over 60%.

  • Practicing this skill requires some specific and expensive materials and products.. It takes also plenty of time (8 to 10 hours from the collection to the installation for the females).

  • Since a couple of years ago, a new specific freezing technique for sexed embryos can now acquire a 60% successful gestation rate after experiencing with about 60 frozen female embryos.

  • We can then freeze the left-over female embryos after sexing and also stock them up when there are not enough recipients. They will be transferred as soon as new heifer recipients are available.









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